Qaravan products are licensed at the enterprise level* with tiered pricing for banks according to total assets.

Qaravan Pro + CECL

Firm typeAnnual Subscription feeOne time on-boarding fee
Bank (Total Assets < 500 M)$5,000$1,000
Bank (Total Assets > 500 M - < 1 B)$7,000$2,000
Bank (Total Assets > 1 B)$10,000$3,000

Qaravan Pro

Firm typeAnnual Subscription fee
Bank (Total Assets < 500 M)$3,000
Bank (Total Assets > 500 M - < 1 B)$4,000
Bank (Total Assets > 1 B)$5,000
Other Firm Type (e.g. Broker-Dealer, Asset Manager)$5,000
* Enterprise license user maximum is 10. Additional user fee is $500 per user per annum.

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