About Us


We are a team of bank analysts, and software developers.  We’re driven by a few core principles that keep us on track and make us a little bit different:

  • Bank analysis is complex:  The banking industry doesn’t need another “director’s dashboard”. In our experience, meaningful analysis usually benefits from more information, not less. Qaravan’s goal is to provide a sense of clarity and purpose to the full spectrum of UBPR data.
  • UBPR is the Lingua Franca:  It’s the closest thing bankers, regulators, and investors have to a common language. Wherever possible, Qaravan leverages this standard to eliminate the learning curve and to provide our users with a comfortable, familiar environment.
  • It’s about you:  User-centric design informs every piece of code we develop. We think about stuff like user-machine interface and analysis workflow, so Qaravan’s features are easy to locate and intuitive to use.

We invite you to try Qaravan for free and see how we deliver on these promises.